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Welcome to St. Catharine Early Childhood Center

Founded in 1999, St. Catharine Early Childhood Center provides an opportunity for young children to join together in a loving, nurturing, educational, and fun environment.  Each child is introduced to a full curriculum of early learning in a center base setting.  Hands-on activities and participation in all areas of learning provide the perfect setting for young children to come together to develop and grow.  Each child is recognized as a unique individual with many special talents and abilities.  Phonemic awareness, fine and gross motor skills are introduced through a creative curriculum.

Our center is licensed by the State of New York and is housed in a facility designed for the development growth of 3, 4 and 5 year olds.  Large open spaces and varied centers encourage exploration and discovery.  Our materials are educational, self-motivating, easily manipulated and fun to use.


St. Catharine Early Childhood Center
517 Western Highway
Blauvelt, NY   10913

845-359-4330 (Telephone)

845-359-8129 (Fax)

Let them grow with us!!!