Programs Overview

Our program is MULTI-CENTERED and includes Religion, Arts and Crafts, Pre-Science, Pre-Math, Pre-Reading, Dramatic Play, Story Time, Gross and Fine Motor Development, Technology, Music and Physical Education.

The curriculum and classrooms are designed for each individual 3, 4 and 5 year old age group so that each child learns and develops at their own level.

Our preschool program is one that provides an opportunity for young children to come together in a Catholic/Christian environment with their peers.  The essence of our philosophy is the acceptance of the child as a unique individual with special talents and abilities and the acceptance of our responsibility as educators to enhance and nurture those emerging traits.  We promote the development of the whole child; physical, emotional, social, cognitive and spiritual.  We treasure all aspects of childhood.

Full and half day programs are available for all ages.  Extended hours are also available.

Once a month our students at St. Catharine Early Childhood Center get a visit from Miss Jolie who is a children’s book author and music performer! The children have fun learning, laughing, and dancing with Miss Jolie!